Outsystems Community latest version: Installation problem

am I sending to the forums my question problem?

Installing the latest version of Outsystems CE on 64 bit windows 7 Ultimate, cannot configure Database server name outsystems and sessions.
Are installed MsSql Express Server 2008 with sqlexpress service name. Finally, can not complete the installation, of course, and cannot configure Service Center components. Is there compatibility problem between Community Edition and 64 bit Windows 7 or might be something else.

Hi Nasios

The Agile Platform Community Edition is certified to run on Windows 7 64 bits. we have several successfully installations on it.

You'll need to check the OutSystemsInstallation.log file on the C:\Program Files\OutSystems\Installer\Logs folder, which will dump all installation information, and the error you're getting while installing the CE on that system.

If you need help digging through the logs, just upload here the Logs.zip at C:\Program Files\OutSystems\Installer\, and I'll take a look.


Miguel Simões João