Google Drive, Download File from Google Drive

Hi guys,

Currently I am trying to create an upload to google drive feature from Outsystems Reactive Web App. I've studied the Google Drive Connector component and the demo as well. And i've tried to replicate what the demo do in my application. 

But there's an issue that I face right now that makes me cannot move forward with my app. I want to be able to download from my google drive. But from gdrive, shows me this error

And I noticed that in GDriveConnector Demo, it has this issue as well. Can you guys help me on this? Thank you so much!

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Update 1:

I tried this is mozilla when the error appears. But when I tried to download this file from my chrome, it works fine. Why is this happening? Please help

Update 2:

And I just confirmed that it only works when I log in to my chrome using the same google account as the account that I use for this GDrive credentials. When I tried to download the file when I logged on as another account, it threw me the same error as the mozilla one. How do I fix this? Please help

Hi Hentry,

Recently, I've developed the Google Drive Conector Reactive including the demo in reactive. You can base yourself on my solution.