PWA Make chrome popup to use the site as pwa and add to the screen the application

PWA in Android

Follow these steps to install and run your PWA on an Android device.

  1. Visit the app URL in Chrome.

  2. Tap the banner Add (my app) to Home screen.

Is not showing up the add to the screen to use as pwa.


Hello Marcio,

The steps that you are trying to do are from google chrome not OutSystems right?

According to google's doc ( you just have to open it in google chrome in an android device.

Are you using chrome and not some other native browser for example, samsung browser?

The site you are trying to add as a pwa is a app from OutSystems? It is a Traditional Web APP, Reactive or Mobile?

Thats right Raphael!! :D i was using samsung browser. Do you know how to custom the chrome popup to add to the home screen?

Já agora, abraço de Portugal :)


Hello Marcio!

Nice to know it helped!

About the custom itens I'm not sure if it is possible, but according the OutSystems docs, you can change some pwa properties in service studio: 

You can also try to change the manifest, but note that exists a known bug:

some links that can help, regarding the manifest:

Also I found a very interesting link about custom install that can help:

You can try to use it since it is a javascript approach :)

Hi folks, just found this topic while looking for a solution to a similar scenario: I'm implementing a PWA that is  to be opened from a mobile app. Although implementing the navigation is successful, I cannot get the banner Add (my app) to Home screen to appear. This is being done on Android. Any thoughts?

Attempts to troubleshooting this so far have produced the exact same behavior (i.e. navigation without the add to home prompt):

  • opening the PWA via ExternalSite widget in a Client Action;
  • opening the PWA via JavaScript in a Client Action;
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