Flow in Action

Hello my problem is this. In Login screen I a flow to main menu after successful login. The flow is destination in Action.
After flow browser shows right screen but URL is of Login screen (server transfer).
What I need is that after flow the URL to be changed.
Because I have a tree in screen with link  to'#' and some JavaScript. After debugging browser I found out that DOM elements belongs to Login Screen.

One more problem.
I have assigned text value to a property
"<a href=""#"" onclick =""document.getElementById(" + hidden.Id + ").value = """ + GetMenuItems2.List.Current.ProfitsScreen.SecCode + """; return false;"" >" + GetMenuItems2.List.Current.ProfitsScreen.Name + "</a>"

In the page this pease of  expression is
<a href="#" onclick="document.getElementById(wt_//_wthidden).value = " 0823="" ;="" return="" false;="">text</a>

The common sense says that this expression must be
<a href="#" onclick="document.getElementById(wt_//_wthidden).value = "0823" ;return=false;">text</a>

Wht is wrogn?

Try creating an External Link for the destination, and then using that in the Action. Alternatively, you might try changing the type of the button action (say, from "Submit" to "Navigate") and see if that does the trick.

I tired to add external link But then it is not referenced !
Also when I change from submit to navigate, I can't call action I must set where to navigate.
in my action I call web service and it depends on result to go or not to go to another screen.
What do you mean by it is not referenced? All you need to do is create an External Screen object in your eSpace (under "Web Screens") and in your Action, when you want to send them to the other page, drag that external screen into the flow.