Form in list-group


I have a question regarding a WebBlock.  I created one that contains a form with a submit button. Would there be any issues if on the static webpage I create a list group and  place this web block there and havethe customer select submit?

Would there be an issue due to the fact that on each of the list, since the form has the same name, variables, the platform may not know how to handle it I.e. when submit is selected, the submit button is selected for all the repeating forms in the list or just does nothing at all?

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Hi Otis,

As per the mentioned implementation, I would say that you won't encounter possibly any issue in such implementation


1) The WebBlock in itself is an isolated Unit, within which you do have the submit button along with it's action defined and in such case clicking the submit button will be consider as the form submission for that specific list record.

Note: If the Form input is mandatory and let's say in one of the form the mandatory input value is blank in such case the form submission will be blocked because of the client validation (submit button set as client & Server validation Or Built-in Validation)

2) Each List Item is a record i.e. group of attributes/container which does have it's own independent value and it is isolated to other list record. On the change to an individual record attribute's value won't impact the rest of the list item records

Hope this helps you!


Benjith Sam