[Infosistema DMM] Migration creates lifetime users
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Published on 26 Oct 2020

I have migrated some application from our on-prem environment to the cloud.

In the process of syncing application data, also all the users were synced. But not only the business users, also the lifetime users were copied to our cloud environment.

I don't think this is a good idea as all developers are managed via lifetime so now there's a discrepancy between the users table in lifetime and the users table in dev for the service center tenant.

I think the platform can manage it but DMM shouldn't migrate lifetime users. If lifetime users need to be migrated between environments, the it should be enough to migrate the lifetime tables and the standard lifetime sync will then populate them to all environments.

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Hello Kurt,

You're correct, we currently migrate all users from source to destination environment.

There is a feature in our roadmap called "Smart user migration" that will allow migrations to only move users groups and role relations that are referenced in the entities being migrated.

I'll let you know when that feature is available

Best regards