Cannot change the MABS version

I'm supposed to change the MABS version of my app considering that there are some inconsistencies on some of my plugin. I used the service center to change the MABS version from 5.2 to the latest version which is 6.3. It will only show successful message that the MABS version has been changed but it won't generate. So I switch back to the native platform tab of the app instead in service center and I generate again but still I got error and my MABS version is not updated to the latest one. I have attached the two screenshots in  both service center and native platforms tab of the App. In IOS it works perfectly in service center once I click on "save and generate" button it will generate again the app.

Hi Joseph,

To build for Android X with the MABS 6.3 beta, you have to follow the procedure described in Building Apps with AndroidX.



Hi Joseph, 

As per shared screenshots it seems for android one of the cordova plugin requires the AndroidX library. For that you need build with MBAS 6.3 Beta, Please follow the link shared by Daniël.

Hope it helps.