Popup position not on center when opened

After clicking a button that will open a popup, it is not on center. After closing it and opening it again, it will be centered now.

BLACK BOX - Screen

GREEN BOX - Expected popup position

RED BOX - Actual popup position

As you can see, the popup position is not right that half of it is not viewable unless I drag it up to the top to be able to view it.

I am using a richwidget/popup_editor. I also tried setting the RecenterOnResize to TRUE but still no luck.

How can I be able to center the popup when I first open it?

I am not able to provide the project because this is a confidential and big project :)

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Hi Arci Jeirico Malabanan,

Can you isolate your issue in a sample module that you can share here? otherwise it's not easy to determine what might be going on...

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Hi Arci and Jorge,

I find modals with way less quirks and working more smoothly than pop-ups (you don't see the "Loading..." message and you don't find problems such as this one). It also has more configurations out of the box.

Perhaps Arci you want to give it a try (step by step instructions here).

There is the parameter Position which you can choose the Center one (static value from OutSstemsUIWeb) and it should be good to go.

Hope it helps.