It´s possible reset screen without change some part of the table record?


For the BookLoan screen, I would like the checkbox (true) stay true while the book is on at "BookList", even when I reset the screen. 

I made some attempts But I didn´t succeed yet, this would be possible in this case? 


Jessica Marques.

(I attached my oap)


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Hi Jessica,

When you go again to the database, the IsSelected flag will be set again to False, since it is what you have in the query

What you have to do is after the query refresh, update the IsSelected value by checking if the book belongs to the list:

Here I iterate for each record from the query and I see if it belongs to the book list and updated the selected value based on it.

In attachment, the OML.

Hope it helps.




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Hello João, 

Finally, it worked! Thanks for the help.

Do You know how can I fix this warning? (I followed your OML and this fields doesn´t was filled )

 I need to study more about the list and the Server Action.

 Would you can to indicate some materials or some demo application? 


Jessica Marques. 

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Hi Jessica, 

I am glad I could help and you managed to put it working!

I'd say you can follow the guided paths and courses on site of outsystems, you'll learn how to do it.

I also recommend checking Outsystems success documentation and Outsystems best practices. Not only you will understand why some things work, you will start taking into account the importance of using Outsystems in a performant and secure way and why some solutions are better than others.

The rest will come with experience on using the platform and the challenges you are facing.

Good luck!