InAppBrowserEvents not running events


I have a problem with the InAppBrowserEvents plugin, I have some logs (to Service Center since integrating the plugin to open the console window does not allow me to generate the application) that are not recorded.

When I click the 'Open InAppBroswer' button, the message 'Opening InApp' is correctly registered in Service Center but the messages of the OnLoadStart and OnLoadStop events are never registered.

I followed the same steps as the SAML Mobile module to catch certain parameters in the URL change, but since the events aren't running, I cannot retrieve this data.

My current test is to open www.google.com and do a search (i.e. dogs), this makes the link change (www.google.com --> https://www.google.com/search?...) to show the search result, meaning the OnLoadStop event should run and register the log but this is not happening.

You'll find attached the oml.

Can someone help me with this problem? I don't know if my implementation of the plugin is incorrect.