I would like to know how I can to do in mobile devices to show a list when I introduce a caracter inside input. In this moment, the list don't show and I need to add a space and then I need to delete this space to show the list.

Thank you!

Hi Clara,

You can use the OnChange to add logic on an input when it is changed, see image below:

Then on the action, you can define the logic to show a table or not.

Hope it helps.



Hello Clara,

Associated to your input widget, you have some Events that can be configurated.

Please, check the image above.

Associated to the onkeydown event, you should create an Handler to show the respective list.

Hope that this helps you!

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Rui Barradas


The problem was an update in the forge about plugin "Autocomplet" and for these reason the app dont run correctly.

Already is solved.

Thank you!