New Relic registration issue

Hi all,

We need a performance monitoring tool for our reactive and mobile apps and so I wanted to try to connect with the New Relic Outsystems forge component. When I tried to add my application on the New Relic website, I was not able to find the 'Outsystems' platform to add my data. I also tried out elastic RUM but it didn't have enough information on the APM dashboard.

Has anyone managed to add data on new relic successfully?

Any other suggestions for a APM for reactive and mobile apps?

Thanks and Regards,

Shubham Deshpande.

Hi Shubham,

I do not have any experience with New Relic, but have you seen and followed the provided instructions on the documentation page of the Forge component?

If you have and it still did not work, I would suggest to post your issue in the components’ subforum. This way the team behind the component will get notified and hopefully they will be able to help you further.