[Google Maps Library] Fit map to bounds with padding
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The Google Maps API have an update for the fitBounds with padding v3.42.


Is that something that you can add on in the library? I tried doing it manually but won't recognize the parameter.

Many thanks!

Nevermind it works!

For them who are interested I created this function:

    this.fitToBoundsWithPadding = function(mapId, boundsId, topPadding, rightPadding, bottomPadding, leftPadding ) {

        var OSMap = this.getMap(mapId);

        var gMap = OSMap.gMap;

        var gBounds = OSMap.getBounds(boundsId).gBounds;


        gMap.fitBounds(gBounds, {top: topPadding, right: rightPadding, bottom: bottomPadding, left: leftPadding });


Much more cleaner than the fitToBoundsWithOffset function.

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