Input Autocomplete hidden items

Hello, I'm experiencing an issue with the Input_Autocomplete widget:
- If the corresponding list contains, say 100 items, but only 10 are visible, using the scrollbar and mouse to navigate is ok. But whenever I'm trying to use only the keyboard arrows, once the cursor moves beyond the visible items, I'm no longer able to see the selected item, because it does not scroll into view. Is there a way to get this working properly or is it a jQuery plugin bug?

Hi Hélio,

i don't know if it's a bug or not, but due to performance issues, i would advise you not to show 100 records in a auto complete.

Auto complete is a widget to give smart hints, and if your suggestion turns 100 records, then, based on my experience, i would say you aren't giving "THE" information to the user.

Instead of making a workaround to that possible bug, try to see if it is really more then the top 10 records the user want to see.


Hi Hélio,

Yesterday I also worked on a autocomplete, so just tried what you're saying and I also having this logic (bug?). I didn't even notice, but if someone has an anwer for it, it would be great :)

Ricardo, the autocomplete I've build also retuns much records, but I think this is the power of a autcomplete function. In my case the alternative is a list or combobox with 100+ records. For the list I don't have the space and with a combobox the user must scroll to much. So using the autocomplete is a great solution to select data from a (big)list.

Kind regards,

in my opinion, if you have more then 100 records use a popup list selector with filters instead of autocomplete or combobox to select one value.

As a user i wouldn't like to wait 2 seconds for an autocomplete hint.



I agree with Ricardo, there is no point in such a list with more than 100 entries.
But perhaps altering the widget that it starts firing up after more than X letters, so you do have a smaller list to choose from?
Not sure if it fires now after 1 letter or 3, but I would go for at least 3 characters.
more if needed ofc.

Hi all,

Separate from the discussion how many results you'll need to show, I still think going down with the keyboard arrows must work.

Ricardo, a PopUp is already a no go here. Just think about something like a country selector. At start you have many records, with become smalling typing it. All I can say is that this is the best option for me. It's also still quick here, 2 seconds is also a not done :).

Joost, it start pression one letter and in the worst case list is max 20-25, so starting it late isn't necessary.

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Hi Hélio,

The behavior you reported in your first post is indeed a bug in the RichWidgets autocomplete component. This bug was fixed once we released the Agile Platform 5.1.

If you are using the Community Edition, please download the latest version from and upgrade your Agile Platform installation.
After installing, remember to refresh the references to the RichWidgets extension and republish your eSpace.


Also due to changes in 5.1 version of the Autocomplete we don't recomment to limit the queries number of results, as it will not work correctly.
For performance and scalabilty reasons the results are now cached and assume that more letters will only refine the search, not produce new results. In practice this allows that its only necessary 1 query each time someone starts typing in an autocomplete.

João Rosado

Hi Joost,

I think or idea to trigger the auto complete only after x letter will solve some performance issues.

However, I couldn't find where it can be made? It isn’t a property of the widget, I’m I right?

Thank you in advance.

Filipe Feijão

I think you need to fix the javascript for that.
not sure though, been a long long time ago I used that widget.


Using the autocomplete widget you can select an action that must be execused. In this action you can check if the inputted selection is already > 3.
If it is you can get the records with the inputted selection, else you can use a stop and nothing would happen.

Thougth this is the quickest way to do so.

Kind Regards,