Change the screen resolution: Cannot set the 'innerHTML' property to null

CKEditor - When changing the screen resolution is generating this error, what should I do: It is not possible to set the 'innerHTML' property to null

Hi Jessica,

Did you include any custom javascript code in your application that runs on the html onresize event?



Good afternoon, I'm using CKEditor

Hi Isabella,

I am willing to help but there is not a lot of information you share, that I can work with, you need to give more details. Could you share a module in which the error can be reproduced?




It is possible that by the time your NarrativaItem's OnAfterFetch runs, your JavaScript1's ExpressionId input parameter no longer matches any element on the page... that is the nature of reactive applications, elements are added and removed from your screen dynamically.

What value are you passing as ExpressionId? And how is this related to CKEditor in the first place?


Seems like your JS node cannot find an element that has id attribute equal to birdnarrativadescricao.Id. What is this birdnarrativadescricao? I only see it mentioned in the ExpressionId input parameter of your JavaScript1 node...

So there's absolutely no relation between where you are using the CKEditor and the Block where you are executing the JavaScript?...

I suggest you debug your JavaScript (on the browser) to check what's the value of the birdnarrativadescricao.Id and whether there's an HTML element with that value as id.

These are blocks that relate and fill the description field of the Narrative page.
Edit Narrative, is to change the description, Narrative Description is where is the description field of the Narrative that is shown in the Narrative Item, and the Narrative Item that is displayed on the page.
I will test your solution, I will debug here thanks.

Can you tell me what I should change in JavaScript to correct this error?
Sorted out

var expression = document.getElementById ($ parameters.ExpressionId);

 if (expression! == null) expression.innerHTML = $ parameters.Descricao;