Regarding Google Login Plugin

 Hello Team,

Actually, I'm developing mobile app. 

I want to integrate Google Login functionality in my app., for that I found Google Login Plugin on Forge and followed the steps given in this link - https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/25867/how-to-configure-the-google-plus-login-plugin/

But, right now I got stuck on Step 5- Create Credentials.

When I'm clicking on Create Credentials, it is showing me 4 options, please have a look on below picture -

Most appropriately, If I'm selecting last one i.e., Help me choose, then it is not showing me Google+ Api, it is only showing Other Api when I click on Choose... under Find out what kind of credentials you need, please have a look on below picture -

Even, I have already enabled the Google+ Api, please have a look on below picture -

Could anyone please help me where I'm lacking and how to get this thing done.

I'll be grateful to you.

Will wait for your kind revert.

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Hi Rohit,

Please refer this Post: https://medium.com/@jorge.martins/federated-single-sign-on-in-modern-applications-d319c4d9e7f9

Hope this helps you!


Benjith Sam

Hello Rohit Jaswani 

Here I found interesting official docs form OutSystems that how to integrate with Google SignIn,

I think it's going to help you, take a look on this 

here is the link:https://www.outsystems.com/learn/lesson/1883/integrating-with-google-oauth-exercise 


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Hi everyone!

@Srinivas the documentation you point to is great, but for Traditional Web applications (the details on how to create credentials should still be valid though)

@Benjith thanks for referring my article, unfortunately that approach will not work for a native mobile app, as Google will only allow their Google Sign-In JavaScript API to work on browsers (Safari, Chrome...) and not via Cordova (again the details on how to create credentials are still applicable here)

@Rohit If I'm not mistaken, you do not need to enable any APIs for Google Sign-In, but you will need to create an OAuth Client ID.

On a side note, if you are interested in authentication integration with more than just Google you may want to consider the Social Login forge components, for your particular case the Social Login Mobile.

Hope these help!