Consume over LAN REST API

I would like to use Outsystem to develop a solution to collect data from devices in multiple buildings and share those data over a WebApp.

Devices expose a REST API over each building LAN. I would like to consume those REST API from an Android "Mobile" App running on an Androidbox in each building. The WebApp would expose REST API to be consumed by each Android box.

But, can a mobile app use REST tools of Outsystems to send http request to local IP over LAN?

Thank you in advance for help.

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Hi Philippe,

OutSystems REST services, both exposing them and consuming them, are always server-side. Mobile devices that run an OutSystems app never call the "outside world" themselves, unless you program the REST call yourself in JavaScript.

Also, OutSystems REST end-points are fixed: you configure them once, and you cannot easily change them, let alone on the fly for multiple devices exposing the same REST API.

I assume the devices that expose the REST API are 3rd party and cannot be changed? Because if you can change the software running on them, I'd reverse it, and let them call an OutSystems REST API to store their data.

Finally, OutSystems mobile apps are triggered by user interaction. They're not active otherwise. There's no way to have an app running on an "Android box" that will be constantly monitoring devices without user interaction.

Conclusion: it seems OutSystems is very ill-fitted to what you need.

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Hi Killian,

Thank you for your detailed reply.

I still think of using OutSystems, but just to consolidate data and make them available.

For data collection, it could be done running Node-RED ( a kind of visual Node.js ) on each "Android box" in their building and send them to OutSystems

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What about Port Forwarding from your Android Box?

You can do that and then consume it over the internet on your OutSystems mobile app.

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