[S22.Imap] S22.Imap OS11 version compatibility
Forge component by Pedro Freire

This component works perfectly well but we are having an issue in terms of compatibility now that we are trying to upgrade from OS10 to OS11. Is there any future plan for an upgrade to solve this issue? 

Thank you very much :D 




What problem are you having?

This should work fine once you publish in O11 platform.

There is any specific issue?

Hi Raphael,

As of now, we are crossing some checklist that was provided for us as part of the preparation for OS10 to OS11 upgrade. And per checking, the last available version of S22.iMap is OS10.

so we assume that this version will not work on OS11 and need to replace this if there is no available OS11 version.

Do we still need to find and replace this forge for an OS11 compatible or keep it?

Thank you very much for your help!


Hi Gerrick,

Version 10 to 11 normally have compatibility, and there is not a lot of Major Breaking Changes.

So I believe that if you just publish and upgrade your module, through service studio for example, even if in forge it is targeting version 10, you will be ok!

Keep it!

If you face some specific problem with it let us know and we will try to help in the better way :)

Cheers and Regards,


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