Reactive Web application + BPT

We have a fairly mature traditional web order management web application that relies heavily on BPT processes and custom task boxes to interact with the activities.

We are planning a refactoring of this application to allow us to scale for a wider diversity of order types.

Since there is some significant refactoring and new development in scope at both the UI (and BPT) levels, we are considering is moving to Reactive makes sense.

While we have some familiarity with Reactive Web in OutSystems, we are not sure what factors or areas of contention we need to consider when layering BPT behind it.

Looking to the community for experience and/or comments.

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You can use Reactive Web app with BPT without any problem.

It is fully supported, in the standard demos of OutSystems, there is a OrderManager app (Traditional web), but nowadays there is also a reactive version. 



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Thanks for the feedback, Daniel.  

We did take a look at the Order Management app from the forge.  It is reactive, but it's not using BPT.

However, I do see some others that appear to blend both that we can look at while we do our own PoC.

Of note, I just found these release notes indicating that the Human Activity Destination property was added to Reactive Web Apps starting with v11.8.0 - which is not mentioned in the documentation, save for a small anecdote in the sample app.  Not really a concern for us as we're using custom task boxes; but worth pointing out in case others find their way here.

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I am talking about the partner demo app and it 100% using BPT. And indeed with the first release and updates of reactive web human activities where not yet supported. But with more recent versions they are.

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Ah yes, I do recall that demo app from a while back.

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Just to remember, the only thing that it's not available in Reactive Web BPT is the email capability. That needs to be handled with a traditional web module.

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Ricardo M Pereira