Reactive web-  Browser print screen only printing the first page

I have a reactive web application that requires us to create a rather long web screen and allow the user to print the full screen even though it spans multiple pages.   The page is also required to be in black and white, with no images.   When I originally created the page it contained color and icons and the print feature in Chrome and Firefox printed all of the content (or exported it to PDF properly).   Once I removed the color and icons the browser print feature began only printing the first page of the screen.

Any suggestions on how to get all of the rendered content to print at one time?

Hi Josh,

you can use component https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component/209/html2pdfconverter/ to create a page for print in pdf format. 



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That's a traditional web application.   I don't see a reactive version.

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That one works, but it only exports the first page of the screen as the image.   So I'm getting about 1/3rd of the content in my exported image.

You can create logic to zip 2 to 3 pdf files then print it .May it's work for you.