[Drag-n-drop Sortable List] DragNDrop Sortable with Multiple Tablerecords
Forge component by Renato Pauleta
Published on 23 Oct 2018

I have the following situation: 

I am using the Drag-n-drop Sortable List component from the forge, and successfully made it work as expected.

That table record with the component implemented has another table record inside itself, which also requires the use of the same component.

The problem is that when trying to sort the second table, the one inside, the event of outer one is triggered, and it doesn't sort the inside one.

Any suggestions on this?

PD.: there's a third table record which will require the same sorting. So, a scalable solution would be appreciated.

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What I can understand that you have one table and for each row you have child rows right? Now when you trying to sort the parent row it should sort the inner rows as well? Is it a correct understanding? Can you send some screen shots for a better understanding?