Is anyone else getting an error when trying to publish to the localhost? Please tell me its not just me.


Hi Julius,

I don't have that problem myself, because I rarely use localhost.
However can you provide us with some more information.
The information you gave us is somewhat obscure ;)

Which specific error you get?
Can you access http://localhost/servicecenter ?
Which version are you using?
Do you get it all of a sudden or you never be able to publish to localhost?
Did you upgrade something, like IIS, Outsystems stuff, windows itself perhaps?

I also had troubles connecting to localhost.
Already logged an issue with support [#156279] [PlatformServerError] trouble getting references from services

No real solution for it. Now everything seems to be OK
Sometimes I got stuck.
Just save the OML close service studio, start it up again and most of the times it's ok then.

I'm using 5.0
I have had multiple issues when using Windows 7 and trying to debug.

To test if this might be a firewall / antivirus issue disable all firewall and antivirus software.
Also close Defender + (if you have Comodo running)
Check if all works.

If it all works when above is disabled you're looking at a Firewall / Antivirus issue.
Put the firewall and Antivirus back on and make sure you open up all of your Outsystems service ports in the firewall.
Disable Defender+ alike software (This software checks for Virus-like behaviour)

Besides that I believe I had to uncheck a certain Windows 7 firewall rule that blocks requests that bounce from internal to your router and back again.
This technique is often used by hackers to 'pretend' a local network computer connecting to yours.

Hope this helps!

recently it was release a new version of 5.0 with a few debug bugs fixed. Have you tried  already?

I'm using at this moment.
I'll look into the latest version to see if that works better, like Eric i'm using win7 as well.