How to save event in databse using FullCalendar Reactive

Hi Everyone,

I am working on project where i required Reactive Calendar in application 

My Use case- there is 2 role one can book the appointment using calendar and other user which has different  role can see the appointment in calendar view. 

so i tried to Implement this but i stuck in implementation-

1- How to save the selected event details in tables 

2- data which is saved in table need to show in page load i tried but it not working 

3- while in update calendar  popup same event should open and can update the event 

4- delete the event on click as well.

5- On Intitaliaze event i am not able to use the aggregate in sample app they are using list append but i want data from database 

i have attached the sample OML please anyone can help me on this to implement this.

implementing this on  BasicViewsDemo  screen 

Thanks in Advance!


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Hello Soni,

Take a look at this post which I answered some days ago.

The case is very similar to yours, and I believe it will help you!
There is an .oml also there

Let me know if it helped, if not I can try to explain a little better for your functionalities.

Cheers and Regards,

RR :)

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Hi Soni,

Create url of DetailPage and save it in to the database correspond to event.

I attached oml .please let me know whether it's works.

Good Day




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HI Thanks For reply Samiksha,

i need to implement in Reactive app and reactive i cant use preparation and on initialization event not able to use aggregate its throwing some warning ther.  can you please share oml in reactive 

Thanks in Advance!

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Can you please share your oml file ?



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Hi Samikhsa 

Thanks for Quick response but In this Sample they are not using CRUD operation  and i need to save the date and view in calendar  

i tried but having difficulty in implementation in reactive.

Could You please share the OMl for Reactive or also in reactive do i need  GetEntryUL function ?

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Hi ,

I have attached the OML

I tried to implemnet Same as your OML - below issue i am facing -

1- entryURL to update the URL in CalanderEvent if i use update action its thow error  else createorUpdate action  create duplicate record in table-

2- data which got has saved in calanderevent table or eventfinal table wanted to show in calander.

 i have created one more table bcz  based on booking as per or role user can see thier calander so i have added userid in second table  but  in screen4 i tried to show the data from table its not getting display.

3- Created the API to expose the data from table that is also not working  

3- In calander i want to show title and slots start and end time how to do it.?

4- i wanted to debug client side code but its debuuger its not getting hit

please help on this find the attachment 

please help me on this

Thanks in Advance!


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Hi Soni ,

I tried to solve this problem by using server action and onRender Client action .But don't know why data is unavailable after fetching on the screen.

Second option is try to achieve fullcalendar implementation through JavaScript.




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HI Samiksha,

Thanks for reply I also tried many thing to show the data on calander nothing has worked!  

Anyone Faced same issue please suggest ?

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I am also facing the same issue 

Please let me know if find the solution for  and please share the OML 



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Hi ,

FullCalendar Reactive Issue in fetching the data from table

Can anyone please help on this?