multiple branches of code for development

Dear All,

In order to make it simple, below are the 2 questions

1. Can I create branches of code for parallel development?

I have already gone through below links

But none of these solves my purpose, I am looking at traditional Branching and merging system as provided by various Source control system like Azure DevOps, SVN, GIT etc.

2. Can I share personal space of any user with multiple users, so that a personal sandbox can be used to branch the code.

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Hi Upendra,

I think you already read all the relevant articles and documents.

So the answer to your first question is no, OutSystems does currently NOT support branching. 

You always commit your changes to the trunk when you press the 1-click-publish button.

The personal area, is a feature that only works for Traditional Web application development, not for mobile or reactive web applications. The answer to your second question is that you can NOT share it with other developers. 



Hi Upendra,

The direct answer to both the questions are "No" as correctly answered and explained by Daniël.

Though, to provide you a pointer on parallel development, (coming from why we do branching) think about available option on the platform which you can make use of. 



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