getElementById from a web block


Someone know how i get the button id on a page knowing that the button is inserted within the Web block.
The Web block is inserted on a page and a button is inserted on a Web block. So I need to get a button id from the page.

I have a customers page.
In this page I have a Web block.
In this Web block I have a menu with some buttons.

Now, when I am in customers page I need to get a button id that is on Web block. How do I do it?

Thank you!
Hi Hugo.

The short answer, sadly, is that no, you cannot obtain the web block's button Id from the webpage, within Service Studio.

For what purpose are you trying to obtain the button's Id? Maybe that could help us understand how to best answer your question. Let us know what you're trying to do, so we can try to help you achieve it.


Paulo Tavares