Is it possible to make an Mobile App that saves files in USB? 

I am trying to make an mobile app that saves a file in an USB driver, but i couldn't succeed. Is there any way to do it?

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Hi abdellahi,

I think it may be possible but it will be a little hard!

I know that if you have an adapter or an USB-c pen driver you can connect it with your phone (At least android), when this happens you usually can use some sort of File Manager app to explore its contents, right?

That being said you may be able to access the driver in the same way as this plugin does for native storage.

Hope it helps!

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RR :)

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You can wrap the cordova plugin to use with outsystems using the article above

Hello Abdellahi,

Though I'm not sure about it, I would like to give a suggestion. 

In android we need to enable OTG to access USB drive, and handset need to be OTG compatible. So some application(mostly file explorer) which cannot access OTG permission, does not show USB drive. 

Once check on this way if your application can access OTG permission.