Authenticate single OS tenant against multiple Azure Tenents

I use IDP to autheticate our internal users against Azure AD.  I'm now setting up external users in a separate Azure B2c Tenent.  Both internal and external users will live in the same 'users' entity in Outsystems.  I  need to perform SSO for these users.  Can i do this with the IDP component without cloning it?

I have seen the posts on multi tenancy but these appear to relate to mutlitenency on the OS side not the Azure side.

Any advice appreciated.


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Hello Liz, 

Just a thought, Can you add both the user groups to the Outsystems application you created in Azure AD. Recently we had some external users added as Guest to the enterprise AD account to provide access to our application. This way you don't need to do any change in Outsystems. 


If that's not possible, How about a multi tenant app on Azure AD and configuring IDP with that application and metadata.

Kindly let me know which solution you go with , quite curious :-)