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I am currently working on a project with my task being to have the data from a temperature sensor from an Arduino be read into outsystems. I was wanting to know what the best way to implement this would be.

I was thinking of having the Arduino send live data to an excel sheet, but I didn't know if outsystems would be able to read data from an excel sheet while the Arduino is simultaneously writing data to the same sheet.

If that doesn't work then I also have another idea. I only need to take an average temperature reading every few hours, so if I wrote a delay in my arduino code to have it only write live data to the excel sheet for 5 minutes every 2 hours, would the outsystems then be able to read the data from the excel sheet during the 2 hour delay?

What are some other methods that would be better than mine?

Thanks for the help! 

Hi Akash,

Do you want data to be uploaded to outsystems in real time?



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Yes, if that is possible.

Are you using ethernet oy wifi to connect to network?

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The arduino is connected via usb to my laptop. 

Hi Akash,

There are two method depending on Arduino is connected to internet or not

  1. Arduino not connected to internet: In this case you can dump the reading from sensor to sdcard connected to Arduino. I suggest to use to .csv to write the data. Once data is written in sdcard, you can pull the card and copy the csv file and then upload it to outsytems via a developed portal/webpage. This will be an indirect way.
  2. If Arduino is connected to internet: Then will suggest to directly post the data to Rest endpoint exposed by you in outsystems. This will be a direct and realtime way.

Hope this help.



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So, to confirm, if I connect the Arduino to the internet, then it will be relatively easy to send live data to the outsystems?

Is there a guide to doing this?

Thank you for the help,



Hi Akash,

  It's fairly easy to do, simplest way is to use standard REST API calls, In Outsystems there are some details in the training modules but REST is fairly easy to use. For the Arduino you will need to use one of the REST API libraries, there are a lot of guides on the net for that just search for REST Arduino for examples or look through the Arduino libraries for one.

Here is a starting point for the Arduino side,


I use these, you can program standard arduino and they have a lot of very easy sensors and devices to plug in. Also full WiFi built in


Sorry Wrong Link thats the Arduino shield version, hang on I'll find the correct one.

This is the one I meant, can take all the grove sensors


Hi Akash,

You can refer this:


Let me know if this work.