[Ultimate PDF] Ultimate PDF: Performance and Timeout
Forge component by Leonardo Fernandes
Published on 08 Jan 2021

Hello Team,

I am using PrintToPDFAdvanced server action of Ultimate PDF component.

I launch a timer which retrieves a list and loops through the list. In each element from the list, I generate a PDF.

Every PDF takes around 2-3 seconds to be generated.

However, there are times where UltimatePDF takes an infinite time to generate the PDF, which makes the timer reach timeout.

Is there any way to handle timeout from UltimatePDF or any reason why ultimatePDF takes infinite time to get the PDF generated?

For info, if I launch the timer again with the same list, the issue may arise at the second item in the list, at the 100th item in the list or at on any item.
This does not seem to be an issue with the URL or input parameters required by ultimatePDF.

I am using traditional web apps for development.

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You can try to change the Server Request Timeout.