What is the difference between "Install" and "Install demo"

I have read through the Forge FAQ and searched the forums, but cannot find a description for the "instal;l demo" button.

What does it do?  What is the difference with the normal Install  button?

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Hello Lars,

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When someone uploads a component into the forge, that person has the possibility to upload the component itself and a demo of it (in order to demonstrate how the component works).

Basically, "install" button refers to the installation of the component itself and "install demo" refers to the installation of a demo about how to use the component.

Please be aware that demos depend on the component itself, so you should always install the component itself before installing the demo in order to avoid compilation errors :)

Hope that this helps you!

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Rui Barradas

Ah I get it...  I was thinking too hard...  Install Demo installs something that demoes using the component.

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Exactly Lars :)

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Rui Barradas