very slow synchronizing environments when deploying


We are facing issues with very slow deployments.

In particular: the last step of deployment from one environment to the next: 'Synchronizing Environment'.

For example: for a single application consisting of 5 modules it takes 10 minutes.
We have seen deployments of 5 e-spaces taking an hour of time!!

I would like to know exactly what is happening in this step and where possible bottlenecks can be found.

Thanks in advance!!

Also, can someone tell me what is the optimal server setup for lifetime (minimal and optimal requirements) for a stack with around 100 applications, used by several teams, constant deployments on weekdays...

Hi Johnny B Good ,

      Verify if you have refreshed the modules correctly. Sometimes, it will take more time to sync, if the modules aren't refreshed properly.

For a case:-

   Before syncing the environment, Publish all the consumers of the producer module. That would optimize the time taken in 'Synchronizing Environment'


Chockalingam Saravanan

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Hi Johnny,

Can you provide more information about your platform?

Like, you platform version, LifeTime version and if it's OnPrem, Hybrid or Cloud.


Best regards,

Ricardo M Pereira

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Hi Johnny,

you can see the requirementes here.

It is also important to follow the steps in the installation check list, for lifetime and platform.