[Ultimate PDF] How to remove page number on specific pages?
Forge component by Leonardo Fernandes

My report consists of a cover page followed by multiple pages of dynamic content. I want all pages to have a page number, except for the cover page. Is it possible to choose which pages can have page numbers?

Have you ever found a solution for your question above?  I am struggling with the same thing

Hi, unfortunately I haven't.

Hello Kazymir and Mercia,

I had recently solved a similar request in the forums, by using a combination of the Simple Report PDF forge component for the layout and print features, and Ultimate PDF for the download logic. If you are open to using this combined approach, then please review the attached oml.

In the solution, the cover can have its own unique header or layout (i.e. if you choose so) and yes the page#'s exclude the cover.

Hope this solves it for you or gives you ideas on further customization,




Thank you for the solution provided.  Our situation is a bit different,  I want the footer to only display on the last page of the document, and I don't know up front how many pages there will be.

I was hoping to get this done by specifying visibility when on last page?

Hi Mercia,

That's an interesting and different ask from the current thread, so I would suggest opening a new post and include this and any other details you may want to specify. 

A new post stands a better chance of getting new responses from the community. I will take a look at it as well. Also if you do receive a solution, you will then be able to close your own thread out as solved.



Here is a small workaround for a similar scenario that I have been using:

1. Generate 2 separate PDFs, one for the cover page and one for the contents (where you can include the page numbering as needed)

2. Use the PDF Helper component from the forge to merge both PDFs into a single one by using the JoinPDF action.  

As a result you will have a PDF where the cover page doesn't have numbering while all the other pages do.

@Kazymir this will work for you?

My situation is slightly different to Kazymir's - I wan't to display my footer on only on the last page, but I don't know up front how  many pages there will be

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