Disable DOM Elements not using JavaScript, how? - Reactive Web App OS 11
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11.8.11 (Build 31184)


I'm trying to disable all the DOM elements in the screen by not using Javascript.

with some javascript code and the OnReady event, i can easily achieve this. but I want to know if there is another way to do this, the way that supported by  Oustsystems and i don't need to implement any Javascript code. i tried looking on forge and the forums, still got nothing.

thank you all!



Hi Minh Tran,

You can assign to the Enabled property of all widgets the same boolean variable. When you set the variable's value to False, all inputs will be disabled, and when you set it to True, they will be enabled again.

Hope this helps!

omg, didn't think of that, thank you so much!

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