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Forge component by Pedro Oliveira
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This component looks really great, but I have attempted to implement it into a tab control (we have created dynamic tabs), and it doesn't pop up over the top of the tab content, rather underneath with a scroll bar.  So, more likely it appears as though it only will pop up within the container in which it is defined.  Am I doing something wrong?  Is it possible to have it pop up across container boundaries?


Hi Mike.

Check the CSS class that is applying to the popup and try changing the z-index property in order to take the popup to the front.


Gonçalo Almeida

Hi Mike!

Tabs is a challenge ??

Gonçalo is right, is related with layers z-index, but in this case I think is better change the overflow from tabs.

I suggest:

- Use position bottom right (outsystems UI entities)

- User the following fix, but pay attention can cause other issues, so if possible be specific for this tabs.

.tabs .tabs-header {
overflow-x: visible;


Thank you both for your time and effort answering this question!  It makes sense what both of you say, but I actually opted for a different way to solve the problem that I'm happier with anyway.  But thank you so much!

Hi Mike.

Happy you solved it.

Please share how you solve it and mark your answer as "solution" in order to close this thread.

Thank you

Gonçalo Almeida

I didn't solve it, I just used a different method, not using this forge component anymore by using a direct modal popup in the center of the screen.  I like the implementation better than what the component was offering anyway, so I went with it.

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