multiple users working on a screen parallelly
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Hello guys,

                    I'm working on a screen which has discussion feature where multiple users will be able to chat at the same time like the comments section. I have used the comment  comments component and modified according to my requirement. So right now when user 1 enters a message then it is not reflecting for user2. In order to see the message user2 must refresh the screen. This is the problem I'm facing I want the message to reflect without refreshing the screen again and again. Please help!!



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did you try Ajax Refresh option?

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On Traditional Web you need to create a javascript that will call an action that will refresh the data and do an ajax refresh.

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Hi Vaishnavi,

You need to refresh your screen to load the new content as Mahesh and Win said.  Only do the ajax refresh will only refresh the screen for the current user. The other screen will not be updated.  There are 2 options to do that:

The easiest way is using a javascript to trigger a action that will perform the refresh. You can use this component to make your job easier: https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-overview/2134/auto-refresh-utils . The only issue in this case is the refresh will happens often even if you didn´'t add new comments. 

The other way it is using Firebase: https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-overview/2121/firebase-web. In this case, you will trigger the refresh only when you really add a new content.  It is a better implementation but you need to configure the Firebase to do it.  

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