Does Outsystems allow for diagonal swipe on mobile and other touch devices ?
Application Type
Mobile, Reactive
Service Studio Version
11.8.12 (Build 32251)

I was wondering about using OutSystems in a more creative way for use of certain widgets and tools, and that way would be from doing advanced gestures into the screens, best example to start would be horizontal, vertical, and then go diagonal.

For the current project going diagonal would be enough since it brings 4 more options to create more actions.. I really feel like I could use some more ;)

So, hoping here to find an answer for:

-Does Outsystems allow for advanced gestures/swipes on touch devices ?? 

If Yes - Where can I learn about it and use it ?

If Not - Sadly as I found out on Forge, but looking forward Is it possible to develop in this platform or it requires way more JavaScript ?

PS: would hope to see more swipers out there :D !!

Thanks for all the help in advance


Appreciate your help but that has nothing to do with Swipe Events and Gestures, which is my concern at the moment.

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