[ImageToolbox] How to use a different Timeout without a error on Architecture Dashboard?
Forge component by João Quitério
Published on 02 Sep 2019
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I'm trying to call a Server Action "Table_Save" with a Timeout (15 s), inside a client action in a Registration Screen. Inside the Table_Save action, I call other actions who uses Rest API's and have different time responses. Sometimes, I receive Timeout error. If I change the Server Request Timeout directly on Server Request Timeout, the action works well, but the Architecture Dashboard raise an error like "Timeout in Table_Save is different from the Module Default Timeout". If I use the action SetRequestTimeout from HTTPRequestHander to set the desired Timeout, Outsystems raise an warning, because have 2 Screen actions inside a client Action. If I use SetRequestTimeout inside Table_Save Action, it's not working well. Apparently when I call the action using the default timeout (10s) in the client action, if I set other timeout inside the called action, will affect only internal, the call is waiting to be ready in 10s. What I really want to know is, if I call a server action with (10s) of Timeout inside a client action on a Scrreen, and inside the server action called, I set the TimeoutRequest for (30s) for example, using the SetRequestTimeout Action. What will be the Timeout used by the Screen to define if has timeout problem or not (10s) or (30s)?