Javascript Error

Hello all,

Getting error when I use java script(Java script related to Bitmoji).

Below error message I find in outsystems logs, please let me if you have any solution for the same.

Error message - [ErrorScreen] Module name "buffer" has not been loaded yet for context: _. Use require([])

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Hi Asif,

You have to give more context, where in your OutSystems application do you get this error.

You say a script related to Bitmoji. If possible share an OML in which the error is reproducable, if that is not possible share screen prints on how you integrated the Bitmoji javascript in OutSystems.

Please also edit your original post to include if this is Traditional-, Reactive- or Mobile web application that you are developing.




Maybe I have the same problem but I really don't know what I'm doing wrong..

So, I'm trying to integrate the Bitmoji feature to one Reactive App (API reference: and I use the same code from the API example just to validate if it works but it is return always the same error:

"[ErrorScreen] Module name "buffer" has not been loaded yet for context: _. Use require([])"

I tried different ways. The 1º example is exactly we have on API reference but is returning the error when load the login_bitmoji.js

The 2º example is put the async call (the last part from the image before) in a Script and associate to the Screen. Same error.

The 3º example is to import the Script directly the login_bitmoji.js and associate to the Screen. Same error

The last tentative was remove the Load async part from the image and call the RequireScript action from the System with the redirect link to the login_bitmoji.js. Unfortunately the same error.

Finally I tried to create a Tradition Web Application with the 1º example and works.. but I need this in reactive :(

Anyone call help me ?

OML in attachment.



For those looking for the fix you will have to download the script and change all instances in the following way


var namedModule = require('name');


define(function (require) {
    var namedModule = require('name');

 Then import the script under the 'Scripts' section in OutSystems and add it to the page/block you want the script to run on.

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