Unable to connect to any of the specified MySQL hosts.

Hello, I am New to Outsystems..

I am trying to connect to an local Server for an required database,  But this server is on remote location and i am working with outsystems personal Environment but for some reason i am not able to connect to the required database  every time i tried to connect it from service centre it poped same error message of Connection String failed

I went through many available discussions on forum but i couldn't understand the solution 

Basically i want test and try to connect my application to a local existing database !

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Do you put port on the Server ?

MySQL usually using 3306

so the server field is something like this : esblablabla.com,3306

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Hi DS,

For connecting external database in personal environment your database should be publically accessible because personal environment runs on cloud so any external database should be accessible through internet.

So make sure you MySQL database is not in private or local network and not IP restricted.