[OutSystems.AI Chatbot] Show HTML formatting on the OutSystems.AI Chatbot component
Forge component by Félix Barros
Published on 26 May 2020
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Traditional Web

Hello All,

I've added this component to our system and it has been working great so far. Our business users are now asking if they can be allowed to add HTML formatting to their QnA answers in the KB. Adding an image in the qnamaker.ai portal showed that we can view images that are set in the responses as shown below:

However, trying it out on the component I linked it doesnt. In fact any html formatting we provide through the qnamaker.ai portal doesn't show. Example below:

Is there something we are missing? how do we enable support for html formatting being shown on the component itself. Clearly, the response from the cognitive service has the formatting saved.

Thank you.

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Answering my own question. I've implemented a change on the component by referencing an external markdown converter (vanilla JS) which converts the QnA service's responses directly as html elements.