App notification And Firebase in  Web application and reactive

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I Need your help to implement the in App notification is that work in reactive too?

I have to use in App notifcitaion in Reactive so trying to understand the concept i  have download the firebase and firebasd web sample component 


I have configured the Site properties as mentioned in the step  but still i am getting below error on browser

Missing configurations

To receive notifications in real-time you need to set up the
Site Properties 'FirebaseProjectId' and 'FirebaseSecret'

please find the screenshort of settings

Site property default value

Image Caption

I have attached the OMl which i downloaded from forge can any one tell me what wrong i am doing here why this sample app its not working after giving the site property default values

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Hi All,

I want to use in App notification in application i tried to use but its not working in above post i have attached the screenshort and details please help me to resolve this

Hi Soni,

You have the opportunity to see my last post update?

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Hi Soni,

I had a similar experience with the same component, and i think that you need an adicional step, that is related with the real time database.

Please create a real time database to your project and define the rules, according the following images:

Next, you need to create the firebase Secret, that is different from "Web Api Key", that you are using:

The "secret" is the key that you need to use.

I'm sorry for the portuguese language on the images, but the order is the same.

Thank you

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Hi Gonçalo Ferraria ,

Really thanks so much for your reply, now i am able to see the screen but stil notifictaion  its not saving in table while debigging i could see its getting save but while view in mode there is no data i have no idea whats wrong i have done in this Oml.

while saving the data in send notification that should show in Advance sample screen base on login user but still not able to see the notification 

Please suggest why i am not able to see any notification ...


Hi Soni,

Let me check what is wrong, i give you feedback soon.

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Hi Soni,

I don't see any problem in your application. To garantee that everting is ok, please process with the following steps:

  1. Make a fresh install of the component InAppNotificationsWeb
  2. Go to module InAppNotificationsWebSample and fill the site properties with your values or insert my teste credentials: 
  3. ProjectId: inappnotificationsamples
  4. Key: R3o4nmYZ2tlXby2T7Bcs70Aa58GQC4wj51Lv54ez
  5. Go to page "Send message" and send a message to the current logged user
  6. Go to page "Advanced Sample" and see the message on top

Thank you 

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Sure I will check this and update you

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Hi Gonçalo Ferraria

I did the same but still not able to get the notification 

I have update the compont but i have attached the SS its say componet is not supported :( 

What i can do to resolve this issue any more suggestion  

Thanks so much! 

Hi Soni,

I imported your sample to my personal envirnoment and after make the same test, your version works. 

Look here: https://goncalo-ferraria9.outsystemscloud.com/InAppNotificationsWebSample

I believe that your problem is on site property values. Please go to the service center and check if the site propery values are the same that the following image:

Thank you.

Hi Soni,

You have the opportunity to see my last post?

Thank you.