Duplicate is not a valid operation inside a StartIteration/EndIteration block.
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Hello, I'm new on Outsystems. I have list inside list. I'm getting error when try to iterate list which inside other list. 


Are you getting error on Listappend?

it seems you are using listduplicate, or list append method inside loop and you are assigning to your new list within the first list iteration.

You should have a new variable of type boolean  and check  if appending item is available in list or not and set to false at the start of each new  iteration.

Are you getting error on Listappend?

if Yes, then:

you can not append variable on list which you are itterating.

before loop create a new list using list duplicate and append variables in that duplicate list and then use that.

I'm getting error on iteration 

Hell Sardor,

Kindly provide more info of your issue. If possible plz share OML or at least property and aggregate date for reported portion.



Thanks Sardor. Really happy that it helped you.

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