Is it possible to know the tab index  for tabs in traditional web??

Can we get the tab index on tab change in traditional web when we are using Tab widget. I have seen the  OntabChange Event in the property window ,and it gives me an option to have an handler and argument  .

I have created a preparation (which is my handler) and have added an input parameter which expects an integer (for currentTab)

The event is getting triggered on tabChange but the currentTab value is 0 always .

Am I missing something here

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Hi Sreejith,

The onTabChange Event does pass an parameter called CurrentTab  (the respective parameter value is of Integer data type) to the associated Handler action as an input parameter, you can refer the same input parameter value as the Active Tab index value as shown below.

 Hope this helps you!

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Benjith Sam

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Hi sreejith,

Your handler returns the new tab as the currentTab parameter, you might have a parameter with the same name causing confusion, but it returns the new tab.

I attached an example in OML.

Hope it helps.



Thanks both ... sorry for the late reply :) .Its got sorted..

I created a new tab and did the same and it worked. Not sure what was the reason though with previous one .


Sreejith N