How to improve the performance of the deploy?
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Traditional Web, Mobile, Reactive, Service
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11.8.2 (Build 15398)

I'm having some problems to deploy my applications from the development environment to the test environment, my application has more than 2500 AO's and the deploys take an average of 2 hours to happen.
Is there anything we can do at the infrastructure level to improve this? Improve the target machine? Or the Origin? Or the lifetime machine?

I thank you for your help.


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Hi Heryck,

It can be because of many factors so before looking at the infrastructure upgrade it is better to see if everything is organized at application level. I have few question to begin with so please share below details

  1. What is your architecture, do you have a single application with multiple modules or there are multiple applications
  2. How are you doing the deployments? Using lifetime or through solution package in the service center.
  3. With every deployment are you deploying all applications/ modules?
  4. Do you have BPT in your application?
  5. Make sure to monitor the module references, more references may lead to more compile time. Also make sure to remove unused references.
  6. Clear the older module versions because it takes space in the database and upon deployment database CPU uses may touch the peak and it will also result in slow deployments.
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Hi Heryck.

As Nikhil pointed, a lot of things can be done to improve the performance.

Mainly having a good architecture following the 4LC (4 Layer Canvas) architecture, removing unused references and making the right deployment plan will help a lot!

If you are experiencing impact in Business when doing the deploy, as a fast solution you can apply a 2-stage deploy. See here more details about it.

It will let you compile and generate the code and scripts before deploying it.

With this configuration you can gain some time while you check the main points Nikhil suggested.

Hope it helps :)
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