[Reactive for IE] Footer appearing in wrong place for IE11 module
Forge component by Luís Santos Monteiro
Published on 30 Apr 2020
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Service Studio Version
11.8.12 (Build 32251)

Hello, I am using the Reactive for IE module to get my Reactive app working in IE11. My UI is mostly working, with the correct colors and actions, except for the Footer. My Footer is in one my Layout as a placeholder, and when I add content to the Footer it looks fine in Outsystems and when I run it in Chrome. However, when I look at my Footer in IE11, it is at the very top of my webpage. I've tried changing the CSS within the webpage, but changing the code seems to have no effect on my Footer's position. I'm not sure why, as I can change other things with my Footer by editing the CSS, such as text alignment or the width of my Footer.

If anyone has any idea how to fix this Footer problem or why it is occurring, I would greatly appreciate it. 


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Try remove the height: 100% and instead of position absolute, set position: fixed; 

In the Service Studio, the behavior sometimes is not 100% accurate, but that shouldn't worry you :)

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Hi Lynn,

Can you share your OML so i can check the CSS ? 


Diogo Romero