Create a "Print Report" button to report and print results from a querry...

Create a "Print Report" button to report and print results from a querry...

Hello, my name is Vasi and i would like to know how to create a report with a table obtained after a querry and also how to print it. The report must include header wich is from table fields (name of employee) and as content, the rest of the data from the table.

We have a database with employee wich are distributing beer in the city. One employee covers and distributes in more that one zone. So for one employee we have let's say 10 locations with addresses and beer name.
When we search for employee (part of name) we get a table with name addres and beer.
So, the search button is working and i have the results in a table. But i need a buton like "Print report" to print a report with name as header and the rest of a the table (address, beer) as content.

Thank You very, very much.
Hi Vasi,

Why would you need a special print-report button, Is the "print" of the browser not enough?
Hello Joost. Yes, the standard pritn button would be enough ...  but how can I print only the table and title without all the menus, logos, and buttons?
Thank You.
There are multiple ways to do it ofcourse :)

Create a simple link on a page that pops up a new window with the same info, only stripped down to the bone.
(if you have the table as a webblock it would be really really easy)


Use the advantage of stylesheets and the tag "media"

Great info to make a page printer-friendly: