How can i generate a QR code of a form?
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I have a form that users can fill. It has field like texts, dropdown and image uploader. What i want is that when the user clicks on the "save" button to save it to the DB, that a qr code specific for that form is generated. And that later on when you scan that qr code, it will open and it needs to be possible to edit the details. I have some plugins like QR generators but i do not know how to implement them to something like this.

You have in the OutSystems Forge two eSpaces that can be used to generate QR codes:

"QR Code Generator" ; "QR Code Generator for mobile apps" ;  

and at least one has a demo that can help in the implementation. 


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Hi Samed,

The way I see this, the QR-code basically is just a visual representation of a code that refers to your form. So, when the user fills out the form and saves this, you can generate a random code (maybe a GUID) and store this in the record that holds the form data. Then you generate a QR-code from this code and show that on the screen. Then when the use scans the code, you query the correct record that has that code and fill the form with that data, so the user can edit it.


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Hello @Lennart , i have this plugin: 

But i really do not know where to start and how i can implement this to generate a QR code when the form is saved to the DB?

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HI Samed,

You have multiple sources to generate the QR code, just search as QR in the forge, and you will be presented with lot of solutions.

Thank you!