Learning  Outsystems Platform - My Experience

Learning  Outsystems was very curious for me because I am from .NET background. When I started OutSystems with the help of "Guided Path" i was facing issues while implementing concepts. The concepts was simple but in the video they have focused on one complete end to end application [OSMDB]. 

During implementing the application I understand what I am doing but the PDF is too lengthy so sometime I don't understand what I am doing? After completing OSMDB I was not at all happy because still I was not feeling myself confidant.  

So, I started creating some small examples for myself. I recorded my videos for my reference, I was doing some examples which I was doing in .NET. Day by day I feel myself confident. Then I started to develop mini applications. Till this date I created many applications using OutSystems but when you start OutSystems it is very important to clear the concepts first and based upon it you can develop the projects.

When I understand about 4LC [4 Layer Canvas] at that time I was compare this with 3 Tier  Architecture which I usually implemented in my .NET projects like Business Access Layer, Data Access Layer and Presentation Layer. I compared with it and started applications.  And Yes, NuGet Package Manager also.

The most important thing I personally feel that to become confident in OutSystems is to create many projects. In your initial stage forget about 4LC. But as soon as you move ahead scrutinize your stuff into layers and compare it with your previous projects.

There are many things are available in Outsystems Documentation. Follow it everyday. Also it's forum is very good.  How you think, how you implement it is completely upon you. Outsystems is really fantastic platform for building  Web and Mobile Applications. So implement the stuff everyday. Explore the new widgets everyday whichever not mentioned in "Guided Path" but they have document it very well.

Happy Journey ahead !!!

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Outsystems is really a wonderful platform to develop applications. Happy to see that the outsystems platform is growing day by day.

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Yes, that is right, Outsystems is a great platform!

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I'm new into the Out-systems and leaning the new things day by day. It's a very good platform to develop web and mobile application because there are so many built-in libraries which made us a full stack developer. That's why we call this "Low code platform".

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This is new way to develop applications, interesting one. Many things to learn and development.

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I also started my journey from another programming language, C # and Delphi, and the learning curve with Outsystems is very fast. Fantastic!

Just few days back started my journey. Its really amazing to see that how fast and easy to develop any platform application. Looking forward for more excitement.

Outsystems is easy to understand and Use. My experience with Outsystems is fab .I am very happy with Outsystems.

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Yes, it is true that gradually as anyone keep learning OS they will get start enjoying the development of projects as and when have good understanding of the basic of OutSystems.

Happy that you liked the experience! Outsystems is a great platform! 


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Hi Shailendra,

Glad, you are confident and liking the platform. Think about sharing the recorded videos with the community via YouTube or blog and help many of the new comers.



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excellent post, are incetives