How i configure one progress bar for when the datatable is been loading
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Hi guys, i have this data table and i want that when the user clicks on this funcionality, a progress bar will appear while the table is being loaded, because when it is loading it is blank (because in that datatable have images, so this is the reason why it´s during long time to loading the datatable). And so that way the user gonna knows that the table is being loaded instead of nothing appearing.


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Hi Francisco,

One good practise in reactive applications is exacly what you mention, give the user some feedback that something it's happening (in this case loading).

 What you can do is use the property .IsDataFetched. This will indicate you when your query is done loading or not, enclose your table/list in one IF statement and use the .IsDataFetched to show or Hide. 

When it's loading the platform already has something built in with a specific class for this cases, and you can simple add a container with the class "list-updating". With this the user will get a spinner while the list is loading. (Otherwise you can customize here according to your needs if that class is not enough).

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I´m not understand yet how i do. Please say me what i need do step by step.

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Did you took at closer look into the prints? They should be enought to get what you need.

First enclose your list/table in the IF statement, the IF would be controlled by the .IsDataFetched property from your source, and when is loading (False condition of the IF) add the container with the class "list-updating"

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