Modules and exception warning

Im studying outsystems and I have an application with 3 espaces (database, backoffice and layout). In the layout espace there is the Login default screen and I want to use this login functionality in the backoffice espace. But I'm in doubt about how to properly achieve that, how to use that login screen and functionlity that already exists in the layout espace in the backoffice espace. Is necessary to add it as a dependency in the backoffice module or how to properly achieve that?

Also, in the backoffice module I don´'t have a Mainflow, I just have some UI flows. And I have a warning for each UI flow: "Exceptions are not being handled in the 'Movies' UI flow. Add an Onxception action to the ui flow or select a global exception handler in the module properties. Im a beginner and I would like to know which is necessary to properly correct this warinings.


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Hello Anthony.

Yes, the login page can be public and reused on other modules. But I think a BackOffice will have a different list of users so it should probably have its own login action and validation logic.

You will need a default theme that handles exceptions.

I'd advise you to do the training from the start. It is right here and free. One of the training exercises is also about Movies.

Hello Anthony,

There can be only entry module for an application that's why it is available only with layout module. The idea is to enter in your entry module then you can redirect to other module, so for your need, you need to inherit backoffice module references in your base(layout) module. 

Regarding exception handling warning, it is a good practice to use exception handler in every action. Please refer below training video to understand it properly :


Hope it helps!